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Magnet LinkMob Psycho 1003 weeks E-Book19447.1 GB35
Magnet LinkHitlist Week of 2019.08.141 month E-Book20630.8 GB36
Magnet LinkHitlist Week of 2019.06.262 months E-Book18129.9 GB11
Magnet LinkOne Piece (Digital) (AnHeroGold+LuCaZ)3 months E-Book9024.9 GB93
Magnet LinkHitlist Week of 2019.06.052 months E-Book16018.8 GB11
Magnet LinkCase Closed (Digital) (AnHeroGold+LostNerevarine+LuCaZ)3 months E-Book7118.3 GB20
Magnet LinkBlade of the Immortal (1997-2015) (Digital) (danke-Empire)1 week E-Book3117.2 GB1711
Magnet LinkInitial D (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire)1 month E-Book4817 GB47
Magnet LinkHitlist Week of 2019.05.223 months E-Book15814.9 GB31
Magnet LinkAttack on Titan (Digital) (LostNerevarine+Hexer+danke-Empire)1 month E-Book3212.3 GB26
Magnet LinkThe Boys (001-072+)(2007-2019)2 months E-Book13711.6 GB175
Magnet LinkJudge Dredd - The Complete Case Files Vol. 1 - 33 (2009-2019)2 months E-Book4110.3 GB53
Magnet LinkDomestic Girlfriend (Digital) (danke-Empire)1 month E-Book679.28 GB40
Magnet LinkTerra Formars (Digital) (AnHeroGold+LostNerevarine+LuCaZ)2 months E-Book218.55 GB50
Magnet LinkHaikyu!! (Digital) (LuCaZ)3 months E-Book338.37 GB10
Magnet LinkFood Wars! Shokugeki no Soma v01-Ongoing (Digital) (LuCaZ) (aKraa)1 week E-Book328.37 GB610
Magnet LinkFood Wars! Shokugeki no Soma v01-Ongoing (Digital) (LuCaZ) (aKraa)1 month E-Book318.14 GB10
Magnet LinkMagi (2013-2019) (Digital) (AnHeroGold+LostNerevarine+LuCaZ)1 month E-Book378.13 GB32
Magnet LinkAttack on Titan - Before the Fall v01-17 (2014-2019) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire+Hexer-Empire+jdcox215)1 month E-Book177.96 GB41
Magnet LinkFood Wars! Shokugeki no Soma v01-Ongoing (Digital) (LuCaZ) (aKraa)2 months E-Book307.92 GB00
Magnet LinkFood Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ) v01-Ongoing [2012-Ongoing] (Digital)2 months E-Book307.92 GB06
Magnet LinkMagi (Digital) (AnHeroGold+LostNerevarine+LuCaZ)3 months E-Book367.9 GB00
Magnet LinkBlack Science 001-043+TPBs+Omnibus (2013-2019)2 weeks E-Book567.61 GB101
Magnet Link0-Day Week of 2019.06.192 months E-Book1117.56 GB30
Magnet Link0-Day Week of 2019.08.071 month E-Book947.49 GB57
Magnet LinkForest of Piano Omnibus v01-10 (Digital) (danke-Empire)3 weeks E-Book107.42 GB50
Magnet LinkDorohedoro (2010-2019) (Digital) (LostNerevarine-Empire+LuCaZ)3 weeks E-Book237.01 GB71
Magnet LinkThe Seven Deadly Sins v01-33+c276-319 (2014-2019) (Digital) (Hexer-Empire, Shadowcat-Empire, danke-Empire, + Tikas)2 months E-Book796.84 GB01
Magnet LinkThe Seven Deadly Sins v01-33+c276-319 (2014-2019) (Digital) (Hexer-Empire, UnKnown, Mr. Kimiko, danke-Empire, + Tikas)2 months E-Book796.84 GB20
Magnet LinkThe Seven Deadly Sins v01-32+ch267-315 (2014-2019) (Digital + CR) (Hexer-Empire, Tikas, Mr. Kimiko, + danke-Empire)3 months E-Book836.76 GB01
Magnet Link0-Day Week of 2019.05.153 months E-Book1016.74 GB42
Magnet Link99 Magazines - 22 Sep 20193 weeks E-Book995.92 GB1212
Magnet LinkThe Junji Ito Horror Manga Collection (2013-2019) (Digital HD) (tunafan, danke-Empire + Mr. Kimiko-Teikō)1 month E-Book75.68 GB01
Magnet LinkDragon Ball Full Color Manga v01-42 (JPN)1 month E-Book325.48 GB13
Magnet LinkOne-Punch Man v01-v17 (2014-2019) (digital) (BlackManta-Empire+aKraa)2 months E-Book175.42 GB44
Magnet Link0-Day Week of 2019.06.052 months E-Book995.29 GB60
Magnet LinkBaki v01-31 (2018-2019) (Digital) (c1fi7)1 month E-Book315.17 GB51
Magnet LinkBlue Exorcist (Digital) (LostNerevarine+LuCaZ)3 months E-Book214.99 GB21
Magnet LinkChihayafuru (Digital) (danke-Empire+LuCaZ)2 weeks E-Book174.94 GB61
Magnet LinkFlame of Recca v01-33 (2003-2009) (Digital) (c1fi7)1 month E-Book334.78 GB31
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